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“Fundamental Analytics perfectly complements CQG by being an excellent source of charts and tables of relevant commodity fundamental data and historical commodity futures prices and spreads.”

-Anthony Stavros, CQG

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Fundamental data is crucial for understanding futures markets. With Fundamental Analytics, all that information is in one place.

Futures Prices

Fundamental Analytics includes historical futures prices so you can analyze futures prices behavior along with fundamental data.


Our analysis features allow you to integrate fundamental data and futures prices to empower your research and trading decisions.

“The Fundamental Analytics product rather blew me away. I have worked as a technical analyst in the petroleum complex and the commodity sector for over 30 years and I have never seen a fundamental analysis product as sophisticated, wide reaching, or user friendly, and I have seen the fundamental data systems employed by major oil companies, national oil companies, and the world’s premier trading operations. None of them have a product that can even begin to compete with the FA product. The Fundamental Analytics product fills a major gap.”

-Walter J. Zimmerman, Jr., United ICAP