The Platform

Our platform integrates fundamental analysis with futures prices analysis. It is easily customized, comprehensive, and intuitive to use. 

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Customized Support

We are committed to making our product work for the needs of your business and profession, and offer unparalleled support with our solutions, including assisting you with your analysis. If there is something you need help with at any time, Fundamental Analytics and BlackSummit are here to help – whether that is a data source not readily available or if you would like assistance analyzing trends.

Fundamentals - features (1)


The Fundamental Analytics platform includes a broad variety of fundamental data in a straightforward, user-friendly format that is easy to understand and manipulate.

Browse and analyze fundamental data from many sources in one convenient platform. You can access data quickly on the platform and don’t have to visit many different sites to see the data you need. Data sources include the USDA, the DOE, the CFTC, and many others. The platform is updated regularly according to the release schedule for each data source.

Fundamental Analytics provides depth as well as breadth: Each type of fundamental data on the platform goes back at least 15 years and even further in some cases.

Fundamental Analytics is both comprehensive and focused. In addition, it is flexible: let us know if there’s a specific data source you’d like to see and we will look into adding it to the platform.

Futures Prices

The prices module on the Fundamental Analytics platform reveals a wide variety of commodity futures prices, graphed intuitively in charts that are easy to understand and analyze.

On Fundamental Analytics, futures prices can be viewed and analyzed in a variety of intuitive and innovative ways that allow patterns to be seen and new connections to be drawn. Price charting options within Fundamental Analytics include year-on-year overlay plots, forward curves, high-low-close series, futures vs. open interest, implied volatility, historical volatility, and other ways to analyze futures prices. A popular feature of Fundamental Analytics is the creation of spreads with multiple legs.

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The analysis module on Fundamental Analytics uniquely integrates fundamental analysis with pricing analysis, allowing trends and patterns to be discovered which can enhance strategies to increase margins, manage risk, and trade profitably. Few other platforms or tools attempt to merge fundamental data and futures price data in meaningful ways. However, the ability to look at these two different types of data together and perform meaningful analysis with them often leads to significant insights about the relationships and patterns between them.

As a very simple example, the time series plot shown here illustrates how hedge funds often track crude oil price.

The analysis features can be used both to suggest and to test strategies for reducing risk and increasing profits. You can review strategies over time with a depth of historical data going back many years to assess and anticipate market opportunities.

Ease of Use

The platform is web-based so no download is required and you can log in from anywhere. The platform is easy to learn and intuitive to use: no memorization of symbols is needed to select commodities contracts on Fundamental Analytics. Features and tools are consistent across all the commodities, so there is minimal time needed to learn the platform before you can get the most out of it. Every feature of the platform is thoughtfully designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use. The charting is also extremely responsive, meaning that you waste no time setting up different types of analysis. Try it out today!

What Our Subscribers Say

“I have been a subscriber of Fundamental Analytics since 2008 and have always found the system very useful and easy to use.  The platform is deep in information providing the flexibility to customize views and save favorites.  Over the years Joel has listened to recommendations and made improvements when possible.  Other times when I’ve requested information that is not easily done by the user, such as looking at inventories across gasoline and distillates in a specific region, Joel has customized a report that he runs and forwards to me weekly. In all we value the platform and see the information returned as good value”

Chris Boatwright, Distillate Trader, Shell Oil

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