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We deliver customized analysis and support in order to help you make informed trading decisions. Our mission is to assist you in building a more profitable trading strategy for the commodities that affect your business.

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Lexington, Kentucky

Corporate Headquarters

Chicago, Illinois

Support Office

Meet Our Team


Joel Fingerman

Founder/Managing Partner

Joel earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Chicago and became a professor of quantitative methods in the Walter Heller Business School at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Joel started Fundamental Analytics as a boutique consulting firm for oil industry hedgers and speculators, providing charts, data analysis, and commentaries. As the demands for consulting increased, Joel left Roosevelt University to consult full-time, which led to the development of Fundamental Analytics in its current form.

Tyler Thompson

Director of Technical Platform Support

Tyler graduated from Asbury University with a B.A. in Computational Mathematics.  Tyler brings three years of management experience in information technology and nearly ten years of programming knowledge to his role with Fundamental Analytics.


Rachel Poole

Operations/Marketing Manager

Rachel graduated from the Patterson School at the University of  Kentucky with her M.A. in Diplomacy and International Commerce. She also has a B.A. in Business and Spanish from Asbury University with a B.A. in Business and Spanish. 

John Charalambakis

Managing Director, BlackSummit Financial Group

John earned his Ph.D. in economics and an MBA with an emphasis on macro-trends and financial markets. He has been a Professor of Economics and Finance, as well as an advisor on asset allocation for over twenty years. As well as his work in financial consulting, John has worked alongside government agencies, corporations, and non-profit groups in several countries, providing recent support to the Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. 

BlackSummit Financial Group manages and works alongside Fundamental Analytics, providing analysis and customization services for the users of Fundamental Analytics. With a wide range of knowledge in economics, financial markets, and financial analysis, BlackSummit can assist users in interpreting and analyzing trends on Fundamental Analytics

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What Our Subscribers Say

“Fundamental Analytics has been a valuable piece of software for me. It’s user friendly with great functionality. Fundamental Analytics is easy to learn and, once you learn it, it has a lot of customization available. The charts and graphs are pleasant to read with many convenient and useful features.”

Andrew Gordon, DVTrading

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