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Whether you trade oil, agriculture, financials, or basic materials, fundamental data is crucial for understanding futures markets. Fundamental Analytics consolidates all this information in one interface, allowing you to quickly and easily plot the complex web of connections driving supply and demand.  Our platform combines data from dozens of official sources across a wide range of indicators to ensure you have the insights you need to stay ahead.

No commodities platform would be complete without futures prices.  Fundamental Analytics has more than twenty years of historical data for hundreds of contracts, along with important indicators such as open interest and volatility.  Our unique charting software enables you to compare contracts with ease; building spreads has never been easier.

Both fundamental and price analysis are powerful tools on their own, but together they are much more powerful.  Our platform is built to bring these two together in an intuitive and transparent interface, delivering unparalleled access to the forces driving markets.  Best of all, with our extensive historical dataset, you can filter the signal from the noise to quickly identify the underlying supply and demand trends driving a commodity’s price.  No matter which side of the market you’re on, Fundamental Analytics provides the tools you need to understand futures markets.

O que nossos assinantes dizem

“O produto da Fundamental Analytics me surpreendeu. Eu trabalhei como analista técnico no complexo de petróleo e no setor de commodities por mais de 30 anos e nunca vi um produto de análise fundamental tão sofisticado, abrangente ou de fácil utilização, e tenho visto os sistemas de dados fundamentais empregados por grandes empresas de petróleo. Companhias petrolíferas nacionais e as principais operações comerciais do mundo. Nenhum deles tem um produto que possa começar a competir com o produto da FA. O produto do Fundamental Analytics preenche uma grande lacuna.”

Walter J. Zimmerman, Jr., United ICAP

Our Partners

IIR Energy

Fundamental Analytics is partnering with IIR Energy to provide their clients with access to valuable commodity and futures market data. In the near future, Fundamental Analytics will be integrated into IIR’s new Refining Global MarketIntel Platform.

Interactive Brokers

Fundamental Analytics is happy to announce that we are partnering with Interactive Brokers (IBKR) to provide our commodities research platform as a third-party research tool among their suite of technology services.

Conheça Nossa Equipe

Director of Technical Platform Support & Research

Kenneth Rietz

Ken holds a Ph.D. and was trained in mathematics, receiving degrees from MIT and the University of Michigan. For many years Ken taught mathematics and modeling which led him to his desire for advanced training in technical analysis and training. Ken also brings to the team years of experience in computer programming and a knowledge of commodities and financial markets. 

Sócio-Diretor, BlackSummit Financial Group

John Charalambakis

John obteve seu Ph.D. em economia e um MBA com ênfase em macro-tendências e mercados financeiros. Ele é professor de Economia e Finanças, além de consultor de alocação de ativos há mais de vinte anos. Além de seu trabalho em consultoria financeira, John trabalhou ao lado de agências governamentais, corporações e grupos sem fins lucrativos em vários países, oferecendo apoio recente à Comissão de Inquérito sobre Crise Financeira do Congresso. 

Director of Operations

Rachel Poole Mustor

Rachel graduated from the Patterson School at the University of  Kentucky with her M.A. in Diplomacy and International Commerce. She also has a B.A. in Business and Spanish from Asbury University with a B.A. in Business and Spanish. Rachel manages the day-to-day operations of Fundamental Analytics, coordinates the team’s research and marketing efforts, and assists current and potential clients. 

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